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Studio Maya
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About Studio Maya

Studio Maya Studio Maya is a media-free environment. In our culture, we are bombarded with advertisements in our neighborhood, our workplace, our home, our computers and our cell phones. Each advertisement is pushing its agenda on us. Advertisements manipulate our weaknesses, our longings, our needs and desires, our fears and insecurities. They propel us to make purchases, whether or not we need or desire them. By the end of day, we’ve been bullied by countless images, all with the unspoken message: “Buy this.” At Studio Maya, we recognize that this can be draining. So, there are no televisions, no radio and no magazines. There are no loaded images, no hidden agendas and no pressure to do or be anything. The interior design of the studio is simple so you can focus on your body and your mind. You can reach us and contact : Brooklyn, New York - NY 11238, United States of America
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