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image Image credit: Scott Beale Mid-January blues got you thinking about launching your next business someplace warm and tropical?

If you launch in Latin America, you can now use GoDaddy to help get your online presence established. The Scottsdale, Ariz.-based website domain registrar today launched its entire suite of products in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela, including both Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese services and customer support.

GoDaddy was for a long time known as that tech company with the provocative Super Bowl ads, but it has been making a concerted push to become the go-to service provider for small business owners to
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image Image credit: Cory M. Grenier A deal that has been rumored for several months, China-based PC maker Lenovo Group Ltd has agreed purchase IBM’s server business in the biggest merger deal in Chinese history, worth $2.3 billion.

Lenovo rose to the top of the PC industry after acquiring IBM’s struggling ThinkPad business for $1.75 billion in 2005. But with powerful competition from smartphones and tablets, the Beijing-based computer company is seeking to diversify by moving into the x86 server business.

For IBM, the extra capital should allow the company to continue to concentrate on its more profitable businesses such as software.

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image   Washington, Jan 22 : Facebook and Google have reportedly refused to change their policies on selling advertisement for legal weed, for now.

National Cannabis Industry Association GigaOm, a trade group that lobbies for weed-related businesses in Washington, said that Facebook turned down its offer to promote stories covering marijuana since its policy did not allow it.

Marijuana was made legal for recreational use in Washington and Colorado with Colorado opening its first cannabis shop this month, Verge reported.

While Facebook believes that the risk of promoting the sale of weed through advertisements is too high at this point of time, th
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image   Washington, Jan 22 : Apple is reportedly sending out iPhone survey forms to get feedback from customers who have recently bought iPhone.

Apple claimed that the surveys were being conducted ever since the launch of first iPhone and only the nature of the questions has been changed keeping in mind each generation, Tech Crunch reported.

The survey questionnaire includes questions asking customers to specify features that interested the customers to buy iPhone 5 and likewise.

Apple has been conducting lengthy surveys on products that are reportedly used for internal purpose. (ANI)   Source: Top News
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image Washington, Jan 22 : Images reportedly leaked on the internet have revealed an interface that resembles both Windows and Google Now.

Images of a new home screen leaked by Evleaks that looks like Samsung's much awaited Galaxy S5, showcased at CES, resembling Windows 8 and Google Now were posted on Twitter, Cnet reported.

The leaked image heavy cards also resemble Samsung's Magazine UX that was also introduced by Samsung on its new Galaxy Note Pro and Galaxy Tab Pro tablets at CES

Meanwhile, rumours are ripe that Samsung's Galaxy S5, expected to be released in the coming months, may come in an optional metal body.( ANI)
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image   Washington, Jan 21 : The most commonly used online password of 2013 "123456" has been declared as the worst password on the Internet for the year.

Security-focused developer SplashData declared that "123456" has beaten "password," which topped the 2012 worst passwords list, Cnet reports.

Stricture Consulting Group attempted to decrypt the leaked Adobe passwords and released an estimate that almost 2 million of the more than 130 million users affected by the breach appeared to be using "123456" as a password, the report added.

Other passwords like 'adobe123', 'letmein', 'trustno1&
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image   Washington, Jan 21 : Hewlett-Packard (HP) has reportedly resurrected laptop PCs with its older operating system Windows 7, following popular demand.

Windows 7 has a good number of takers despite the debut of Windows 8.1 last October.

While Windows 8.1 holds 3.6 percent of the desktop operating system market, post its launch, Windows 7 is used by 47.5 percent of all desktop PCs, whereas, Widows XP is still used by 29.9 percent of desktops which is three times the combined market share of Windows 8 and 8.1, Cnet reported.

In order to boost sales, HP is also offering a discount of 150 dollars on Core i5 and i7 powered machines. (ANI)  
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image   Washington, Jan 21 : Microsoft is reportedly secretly paying money to YouTube personalities for promoting its latest Xbox One gaming console.

The software maker is believed to have paid out three dollars per thousand views to these personalities, including one popular games platform Machinima.

According to PC World, a tweet from Machinima UK, which has been now deleted, displayed an image of Microsoft's gaming console and claimed to pay additional CPM bonus of 3 dollars for its promotion.

A leaked Machinima email confirmed the deal with the software maker with rules that required, incorporating thirty seconds of game footage into a vi
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image In the OfficeMax public-relations fiasco, don't blame Big Data. Blame small thinking.

OfficeMax is getting much-deserved criticism after Mike Seay, a suburban Chicago resident, received a solicitation letter from the company, addressed to him and to "Daughter Killed in Car Crash." Indeed, Seay lost his daughter in a car accident about a year ago. The letter, Seay told NBC 5 Chicago, opened old wounds since he thinks of his daughter "10,000 times a day."

OfficeMax bungled the response in two key ways. First, it mishandled customer service, which is the front line of public relations. When Seay contacted customer service, he was met not wit
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image Spotify announced Sunday that all musicians who use the streaming service can now display and sell merchandise on their artist profile pages, without having to pay a commission to Spotify or its partner, entertainment marketing startup Topspin Media. Musicians have to create a free Topspin ArtistLink account use the new feature.    

A company blog post explained the new feature, noting "we're really excited that Spotify's 24 million music-loving users can now see merchandise and concerts while listening to their favorite artists, and that we, in turn, can provide additional revenue opportunities for artists of all sizes."

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image Image credit: Move over, Pinterest and Snapchat. Dropbox is reportedly sporting a $10 billion price tag, making it one of the most highly-valued venture-backed companies in the world.

In its latest round of fundraising led by BlackRock -- and with participation by existing investors -- the San Francisco-headquartered file hosting service raised somewhere between $250 to $400 million at a valuation of $10 billion, according to reports. The company has raised a total of $507 million since its founding.

New funds will accelerate Dropbox's avowed push into the corporate realm, where it sells security and other premium features to the roughly 4 mill
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image Image credit: Andreas Praefcke
Restaurant chains' social media accounts are usually predictable, filled with food photos, promotions and deals.

Then, there's Denny's.

Instead of sticking to traditional scripts of promotions and deals, Denny's social media posts are more like that of a teenager. Denny's Twitter is full of commentary on pop culture, live blogging Saturday Night Live and engaging One Direction's boy band member Liam Payne after he ranted on social media about the stress of celebrity life.

Perhaps Denny's weirdest foray into social media is the company's Tumblr. The teen-friendly blogging plat
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image Business isn't all fun and games at Japan's Nintendo Co. The creator of such classic games as Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda is reporting an operating loss of about $335.7 million for its fiscal year ending in March. That's down from its initial expectation of a $959 million profit.

The culprit: disappointing holiday sales of its struggling Wii U system. Nintendo lowered its sales forecast of the Wii U console to 2.8 million units, down from a projected 9 million units.

Industry experts said that the wide group of consumers who made the original Wii console a smash hit are not aware that the Wii U is a new system. The console also suffers
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image Image credit: The Tenth Dragon Cracking China's mammoth mobile market may be harder than Apple anticipated.

When the latest iPhones were unveiled today by the country's largest carrier, China Mobile--after years of protracted negotiations--the local response was far less frenzied than the hype that typically surrounds an Apple announcement.

According to The New York Times, "only about a dozen customers showed up to buy iPhones at the opening of a store in Beijing--despite the presence of a special guest, the Apple chief executive Timothy Cook."

While, in the past, the iPhone has been an iconic brand in China, "it has lost
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image Los Angeles, Jan 17 - Supermodel Kate Moss, who turned 40 Thursday, received the first birthday wish on Twitter from model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Huntington-Whiteley was the first to post her wish on the microblogging site. She even posted a black and white picture of Moss smoking a cigarette, reports dailymail. co. uk.

She captioned the picture: "Happy 40th Ms. Moss."

Moss is celebrating her birthday on businessman Richard Branson's private Caribbean island Neckerk, in the British Virgin Islands, along with some of her closest friends, including designer Sadie Frost, socialite Annabelle Nielson, celebrity hairdresser and James B
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image (Reuters) - Tesla Motors Inc is taking steps to prevent overheating of its charging systems, including giving customers upgraded wall adapters and providing charging-software upgrades, the electric-car company said Friday.

The moves come after a November garage fire involving a Model S in Irvine, California, which the Orange County Fire Authority said may have been caused by a Tesla charging system or by a connection at the electricity panel on the wall of the garage.

At the time, Tesla disagreed with the fire officials' findings, denying that the charging electronics were related to the fire. A Tesla spokeswoman did not immediately respond to a question on
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image A Bukito 3D printer creates the likeness of actor Bruce Willis at the 2014 International CES at the Las Vegas Convention Center. (APF photo/Getty Images) A 3D printing trend playing out at the Consumer Electronics Show bodes a future in which shoes, eyeglass frames, toys and more are printed at home as easily as documents.

Music star even made a debut here as creative officer for 3D Systems, predicting that the technology
will do for many basic items what iTunes did to the way people get songs.

He predicted that within a decade, 3D printers will be common in homes and people will print out things like shoes, belts, eyeglasses and accessories i
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image It seems like every other day we read about some far-out, new technology that makes us scratch our heads and say, "What the heck?" In this series, we'll take a look at all types of crazy new gadgets, apps and other technologies -- and the entrepreneurs dreaming them up.

You're at home, in the kitchen, cutting vegetables. But what if the cutting board was connected to the internet and it could show you recipes for delicious meals? Plus calorie information?

What if you sipped your coffee from a "smart" mug that could give you weather updates and let you check into social media?

A child is in a classroom, seeing another ch
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image India on Tuesday successfully tested nuclear-capable surface-to-surface missile Prithvi II that has a strike range of 350 kilometers.

Prithvi II, which was launched from a mobile launcher in the Integrated Test Range at Chandipur in Balasore district of Odisha, is capable of carrying nuclear warheads of 500kg to 1,000kg.

Describing the trial of the sophisticated missile as a complete success, MVKV Prasad, the director of the Integrated Test Range, described the launch as a complete success, adding that it met all the parameters.

The launch and trajectory of the sophisticated missile, which was randomly picked from the production stock, was monitor
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image Software giant, Microsoft Corp is planning to announce the appointment of a new chief executive, according to a source familiar with the board.

Alan Mulally, who has been working as the head of Ford Motors, has said that he is not in the race to become the new chief executive of the software giant.  Mulally's exit comes after the exit of another reported candidate, Qualcomm Inc's Steve Mollenkopf in December.

Microsoft has said that it is planning to appoint a new Chief Executive Officer early this year.  The company has been looking to replace Steve Ballmer since he announced his retirement in August. The Redmond, Washington-based company has
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