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Brendan Davidson
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About Brendan Davidson

Brendan Davidson About the programm " YAN " Gen. ! How serious are your decisions on the draft " YAN " ? Project " YAN ", as I mentioned before in other media. This is fairly serious problem, which is not as simple as it seems at first glance. " YAN ", is a major project to achieve and development of innovative technologies with application of genetics, bionetics, engineering, medicine, cybernetics, synthesis, electronics and other scientific research ! Gen. ! How much will cost the full development of the project " YAN " ? It is difficult to determine here so soon ! I think it`s more trilliarda dollars that`s for sure ! Gen. ! What is a " YAN " ? Simply put, " YAN " - a program of military defence, which uses key Griff Secret ! You can reach us and contact : California, New York - CA 94940, United States of America

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